25 – 27 May 2021

From connected to intelligent: harnessing digital’s full power

Due to the disruptive nature of Covid 19, businesses have witnessed an unprecedented acceleration and need for all things digital and innovative. This acceleration has provided Procurement with the unique opportunity to harness emerging and innovative technologies and processes; and in so doing, become a true digital driver throughout the business.

Join us this May to find out how the function is looking beyond the crisis and crystallising 2020’s efforts to support their entire procurement vision and evolving value proposition to enable ESG, innovation and revenue generating initiatives.


David Loseby

Group CPO

Eric Espinasse


Stephen Day


Nancy Mcguire

Vice President, Services and General Procurement for Americas

Matthew Bounds

Vice President – Global Procurement Practice Leader

Armijn Verweij

VP Center of Excellence

Jesse Boutchueng

Head of Excellence

Hani Saigh

Head of Technology Procurement

Dean Fell

Head of Group Category Management

Patrick Foelck

Head of Strategy & Performance

Andries Feikema

Global Director Procurement Transformation

Neil Cocker

Director & Senior Partner

Julio Peironcely

Director Insights & Analytics, Cycles & Procurement

Jennifer Jacques

Vice President Global Supply Chain Digital Transformation

Tony Joyce

VP Consumer & IT/BPO Outsourcing

Gareth Nugent

Vice President International Procurement

Nóra Oláh

Vice President Supply Chain

Michael Stietz

Senior Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer

Keith Browning

Director, Supply Chain Management

Alexei Burns

Group Procurement – Strategy, Planning & Performance

Dimitri French

Sr. Go-To-Market Specialist – Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Molly Dobson

Head of Enterprise Customers, UK & Ireland

Alex Saric


Conrad Snover


Casey Fallon

Director of Purchasing, Warehouse, and Fleet Operations

Mourad Tamoud

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Olivier Pothin

Senior Domain Architect Support Functions

David Gallet

Supply Chain Digital Risk Leader

Ann Dery

Director, Global Travel

Paul Gamble

Contracts Administrator

Morgan M. Walt

JD, Manager, Global Sourcing & Procurement

Andy Wishart

Chief Product Officer

Myles Van Leuven

 Senior Director Customer Success & Advocacy

Costas Xyloyiannis


Julien Nadaud

Chief Product Officer & SVP Innovation

Keith Hausmann

Chief Revenue Officer

Sajesh Gopinath

General Manager & Go to Market Leader

Asher Hussain

Global Sales Director, EMEA


Adriano Garibotto

Co-Founder, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Alfredo Figueira

Head of Procurement and Contracting Area

Steve Hall

Director Content & Community Product

Ian Lawless

Conference Director

Lorenza Schiaffino-Asser

Head of Content Research & Operations, Events

Geraldine Craven

Head of Research Product

Leslie Venetz

Sales Director

Alex Johnston

Principal Analyst


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Day 1

Developing an innovative and growth mindset

Day 2

Digitalisation as a driver for positive transformation

Day 3

Collaboration through digital transformation – looking beyond COVID 19

Attending Procurement Leaders Virtual Events

The next phase of procurement’s digitalisation – Key insights

Digital Procurement Landscape: Procurement’s future looks increasingly best-of-breed

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