“Business travel begins with you”

Business travel is about getting where you want to go—in the world and in business. That’s why “getting there” should always be easy. It should be personal, natural and convenient. At Egencia, we put your needs at the center of everything we do—and we are constantly reimagining how to deliver more ease, innovation, and savings to both travelers and the people who make their travel possible. We believe you should always feel the support of the thousands of people dedicated to giving you and your travelers access, services, and value that provide an altogether better experience. After all, business travel begins with you.

“Under our wing” We care about our customers and so we’re relentless in giving them the freedom to soar. We strive to always fly higher and to give our customers better experiences. We work tirelessly to find new ways to re imagine just how good business travel can be. And we are guided by the ambition to be the best—to never falter, waver, or lose our way. So, it makes sense that the Egencia brand is embodied by our bird. It’s more than simply a logomark—it’s a constant part of who we are and how we approach what we do here every day. It’s a symbol of just how easy business travel should be. And it’s an indelible part of who we are: the people who always endeavor to put you securely under our wing.